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Are there weeds in your seed mix? Our seed mixes are generally 98-99% weed free certified. (This is as good as it gets.) The weeds that will grow in your newly seeded grass are seeds that are already in your soil. Weeds grow everywhere, especially in a freshly prepped soil, that is being watered everyday once we hydroseed. Weeds are common and expected and can easily be killed with a broadleaf weed killer once the grass has been mowed 2-4 times. Weeds are a temporary, easy problem to solve once the grass is mature enough to treat with weed killer.

When can we walk on the grass? Usually around 6 or 7 weeks, however this depends on several different factors, namely weather. If it is cold (below 65 degrees, your grass will grow at an extremely slow rate.)

How long do I have to wait to hydroseed after spraying weed killer? Whatever chemical you use will have a label with specific instructions. In general you should wait 7 days with round-up and 14 days with 2-4D.

How much does hydroseed cost? This depends on several factors such as total sq.ft. of area to be hydroseeded, location, and seed type. Please call or email us for a bid. There is a minimum price for smaller areas.

When is the best time to plant Hydroseed? If you have an automatic sprinkler system we recommend hydroseeding when temperatures near 75-85 degrees, usually between April 1st and June 25th or August 5th and September 15th.

What is Hydroseed? Hydroseed is the process of mixing wood fibre mulch, water, grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier (organic glue), etc. in a large tank. Then spraying this mixture onto prepared soil using large hoses and a powerful pump to shoot the material out of the hoses.

How often do I need to water my new hydroseed? This is a very tricky question that depends on several factors such as current weather, soil type, shade, slope, sprinkler system design and overlap, water pressure etc. Usually you will want to water 3-8 times per day while the sun is out. New hydroseed has no root system therefore it cannot dry out. It will need to stay damp all day, everyday, until the grass is about 1-2 inches tall (usually around 2-3 weeks). At this point it is important to water less frequently but for longer minutes, thus encouraging deeper roots.